Home Care Strengthening Exercises

These exercises will help extend the effects of your massage, and help prevent future injuries. Print out the ones suggested to you by your therapist for your specific needs. Please read the disclaimer first and as always, listen to your body. 

Disclaimer Self Care Manual

51.Strengthening- Hip:Gluteus Maximus

52.Strengthening- Hip:Back- QL:Erector Spinae #1

53.Strengthening- Hip:Back- QL:Erector Spinae #2

54.Strengthening- Lateral Hip Rotators

55.Strengthening- Gluteus Medius #1

56.Strengthening- Hip Abduction: Gluteus Medius #2

57.Strengthening- Lower Leg: Tibilias Anterior with ball and band

58.Strengthening- Lower Leg: Peroneals with band

59.Strengthening- Lower Leg: Tibilias Posterior #1 with band and ball

60.Strengthening- Lower Leg: Tibilias Posterior #2 with band

61.Strengthening- Lower Leg: Tibilias Posterior #3 with towel

62.Strengthening- Knee: Vastus Medialis with band

63.Strengthening- Neck

64.Strengthening- Neck: Upper Trapezius: Rhombiods with ball

65.Strengthening- Shoulder: Back- Rhomboids:Mid and lower Trapezius with band 

66.Strengthening- Shoulder: Rhomboids: Middle Trapezius #1 and 2 with band

67.Strengthening- Shoulder: Rhomboids: Deltoids with band and ball

68.Strengthening- Shoulder: Infraspinatus and Teres Minor with band

69.Strengthening- Shoulder: Triceps with band 

70.Strengthening- Forearm: Wrist: Hand with band

71.Strengthening- Forearm: Wrist: Hand with band