Home Care Stretching Exercises

These exercises will help extend the effects of your massage, and help prevent future injuries. Print out the ones suggested to you by your therapist for your specific needs. Please read the disclaimer first and as always, listen to your body.

Disclaimer Self Care Manual

1. Hip Flexor Stretches Psoas, Iliacus, Quadriceps

2.Hip Flexor Stretches with ball

3.Leg: Hip Stretch Quadriceps

4.Leg: Hip Stretch Quadriceps with rope

5.Hip Stretch Quadriceps

6.Back/ Hip Stretch QL Erector Spinae over ball

7.Back /Hip Stretch QL: Erector Spinae

8.Hip Stretch- Glute Maximus

9.Hip Stretch- Lateral Ratators

10.Hip Stretch Vastus Lateralis/ TFL

11.Hip Stretch Medial Rotators

12.Hip/ Leg: Knee Stretch Hamstring

13.Hip/Leg: Knee Stretch Hamstring #2

14.Hip/ Leg: Knee Stretch Medial Hamstring

15.Hip/ Leg: Knee Stretch #2 Lateral Distal

16.Adductor Stretch Seated

17.Hip/ Leg/ Knee Adductor Stretch

18.Lower Leg Stretch Gastrocnemius

19.Lower Leg Stretch Tibilias Posterior

20.Lower Leg Stretch Soleus

21.Core Mobility Stretches: Back Extension QL with ball

22.Core Strengthening Stretches theraband

23.Core Strengthening Stretches Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings with or without ball

24.Core Strengthening Abdominal Curl on ball

25.Core Strengthening Bridge on ball 1 and 2

26.Core Strengthening Bird Dog

27.McKenzie Extension Protocol #1-3

28.McKenzie Extension Protocol #4-5

29.McKenzie Extension Protocol #6

31.Neck Stretch- Neck Decompression

32.Neck Stretch: Chin Tuck Posterior Cervicals

33.Neck Stretch Upper Trapezius

34.Neck Stretch with M.E.T

35.Neck Stretch Anterior Scalene: SCM

36.Neck Stretch- Levator Scapula: Posterior Scalenes

37.Neck- Self Care SCM

35.Neck Stretch Anterior Scalene: SCM

38.Neck- Self Care Scalene attachments

39.TMJ Stretch- Self Care

40.Shoulder Self Care Bursitis and Joint Capsule Adhesions

41.Shoulder Stretch- Pectoralis Major #1

42.Shoulder Stretch- Pectoralis Major #1

43.Shoulder Stretch- Subscapularis 

44.Shoulder: Bicep Stretch

45.Shoulder Stretch- Supraspinatus: Upper Trapezius

46.Forearm: Wrist: Hand Stretches- Wrist Flexors

47Forearm: Wrist: Hand Stretches- Wrist Pronators

48.Forearm: Wrist: Hand Stretches- Wrist Supinators

49.Forearm: Wrist: Hand Stretches- Wrist Extensors

50.Forearm: Wrist: Hand Stretches- Radial and Ulnar Deviation