Jason (J.J.) Tyler, LMT, A.R.T, C.P.T.


Welcome J.J. Tyler!

J.J. is a nationally board certified and Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical Trainer and Holistic Health Coach. J.J. is a graduate of The Florida School of Massage & Bodywork in Gainesville and an active member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association Sports Team.

He is a specialist in Sports and Orthopedic Therapeutic Bodywork. He began his health career shortly after high school in a small town hospital in N. Florida and has over 20 years of experience in rehabilitation and preventive health.

“I practice a movement based approach to Massage & Bodywork. With a unique & holistic view of the body, dynamically integrating methods of Biomechanics and soft tissue therapy, I can address the needs of each client in a variety of ways to improve physical function while decreasing pain and enhancing performance.

I specialize in Active Release Technique (ART), Functional Movement Kinesiology & Corrective Manual Therapy. ART is the exclusive soft tissue treatment program for Ironman World Championships and international endurance events. Therefore, my experience includes working with some of the world’s top triathletes as much as the avid age-grouper, weekend warrior or early bird mall walker. In addition, I have worked with University of Florida Athletics, The Chiropractic office of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Florida School for Dance Education and a client list of athletes at all levels of professional & amateur sports & performance art.”

Other modalities performed include Neuromuscular Trigger-Point Therapy, Connective Tissue and Myofascial decompression & Release, Polarity Therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques, Prenatal and Infant massage, lymphatic drainage, hot-stone therapy, reflexology, Swedish and relaxation spa-massage. MA53134

Please call (727) 279-5205 to book an appointment with J.J. Tyler.